About Us

We specialize in designing game controllers for "Smart Devices". We designed a new controller from the ground up, every aspect every detail is discussed and tested so that nothing gets overlooked.

Countless hours have been spent to ensure that all of the components and pieces of the controller complement each other and your “Smart Devices”.

This Controller is the first of its kind unlike other controllers that are for ONE device. Evolution controllers are designed to be changed, adapted, and hacked to do whatever you can imagine.  

As “Smart Gaming” continues to evolve so do our Smart Controllers. We are an Open Source platform where gamers, programmers and developers can gather together to share code and push "Smart Gaming" to the next level. We make it simple to upload your custom code to our controllers.

The open source community is amazing at supporting and helping each other see and reach its goals... if you are having trouble getting your desired results put it on the site and watch your idea evolve into something even better.

An “Evolution” only takes place when the People are in control! Gaming has been dictated to us for years...”This is how you play our game” Support the evolution and see what you can do for the gaming world. Empower the People.

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